NW Auto Solutions is home to some of the best technicians in the auto repair industry. Our highly-skilled team is qualified to repair damages no matter how major on nearly every make and model that enters our repair center.

At NW Auto Solutions, we use the advanced technology, training, and skills to provide the highest standard of dent repair and removal for every vehicle we are trusted with.

Once your vehicle enters our repair center, our technicians will quickly assess the damage and identify the most efficient and thorough repair solution. Our process ensures the damage will be restored to like new condition and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


In most cases, our technicians will remove the body panels, tail lights, and the interior panel, to gain access to the underside of the dent. Our advanced technology reveals the curvature of the dent, which enables the technician to accurately position his tool and restore the damaged area to its original position.

NW Auto Solutions offers paintless dent repair services but there are some instances in which traditional dent repair is the sounder choice.

Traditional dent repair is required when the metal of your vehicle is stretched upon impact or if the dent is too large to extract. Traditional dent repair is also used when the impact causes extensive paint damage. To repair a severely scraped dent, our technicians pull out the crushed area until it is level with the original surface.

Once our technicians achieve an ideal surface and smooth out the affected area, a computerized paint-matching system matches your new paint precisely to the vehicle’s original finish.

NW Auto Solutions is well equipped to remove your dents and dings, large or small.  Bring your vehicle into our repair center and we’ll help you make your car look brand new again.